Major Requirements 2013-2014

1. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the department about their course scheduling.

2. Complete the following pre-professional courses:

  • ChEn 170 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • ChEn 191 Pre-professional Seminar
  • ChEn 263 Prob. Solv. Tech. for Chemical Engineers
  • ChEn 273 Chemical Process Principles
  • EcEn 301 Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • Math 112 Calculus 1
  • Math 113 Calculus 2
  • Phscs 121 Principles of Physics

And complete one of the following options:


  • Chem 111 Principles of Chemistry
  • Chem 112 Principles of Chemistry


  • Chem 105 General College Chemistry
  • Chem 106 General College Chemistry
  • Chem 107 General College Chemistry

3. Complete one of the following options:


  • MATH 302 Mathematics for Engineering 1
  • MATH 303 Mathematics for Engineering 2


  • MATH 313 Elementary Linear Algebra
  • MATH 314 Calculus of Several Variables
  • MATH 334 Ordinary Differential Equations

4. Complete the following professional courses

  • ChEn 311 Chemical Engineering & Society
  • ChEn 373 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ChEn 374 Fluid Mechanics
  • ChEn 376 Heat and Mass Transfer
  • ChEn 378 Science of Engineering Materials
  • ChEn 386 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • ChEn 391 Chemical Engineering and Career Skills
  • ChEn 436 Process Control and Dynamics
  • ChEn 451 Chem. Engr. Plant Design
  • ChEn 475 Unit Operations 1
  • ChEn 476 Separations
  • ChEn 477 Unit Operations 2

5. Complete the following supporting courses:

  • Biol 100 Principles of Biology
  • CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 467 Physical Chemistry for Engineers
  • Eng T 231 Moral Leadership in a Technological World
  • Engl 316 Technical Writing
  • Stat 201 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

6. Complete technical electives (12 hours minimum) satisfying the following requirements:

Complete 2 hours of chemistry laboratory:

  • CHEM 353 Organic Chemistry Laboratory--Nonmajors
  • CHEM 464 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 1
  • CHEM 465 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 2

Complete 6 hours of approved advanced Engineering course work. In general, these courses are 300-level or above from any of the following departments: Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or the School of Technology.

Complete 4 hours of approved advanced course work from an engineering, math, science, or business (EMSB) department. In general, these courses are 300-level or above from any of the following colleges: College of Engineering & Technology, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, College of Life Sciences, and the Marriot School of Management.

Ch En 498R, Ch En 199R, and Eng T 497R may count toward either the Engineering elective or the EMSB elective; however, no more than 3 hours of Ch En 498R, Ch En 199R, and Eng T 497R may be applied to the program. One hour of mentored learning (research) credit from other engineering departments may count toward the Engineering or EMSB elective (e.g., Me En 495R). One hour of mentored learning (research) credit from a science department may count toward only the EMSB requirement (e.g., Chem 497R). If one hour of mentored learning from outside the department is applied to the technical elective requirement, then only 2 hours of Ch En 498R, Ch En 199R, and Eng T 497R may be applied to the requirement.

7. Complete a basic competency exam (L3 Exam) administered by the Chemical Engineering Department