Due to the complex prerequisite relationships and limited scheduling of these courses, students are strongly encouraged to consult with the department about their course scheduling.

Requirement 1

1.1 Complete the following pre-professional courses:

  • CH EN 170 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • CH EN 191 Pre-professional Seminar
  • CH EN 263 Computational Tools for Chemical Engineers.
  • CH EN 273 Chemical Process Principles
  • CH EN 291 Career Skills 1
  • EC EN 301 Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • MATH 112 Calculus 1
  • MATH 113 Calculus 2
  • PHSCS 121 Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics.

1.2 Complete one of the following options:


  • CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry
  • CHEM  112 Principles of Chemistry

Or (though not recommended)

  • CHEM 105 General College Chemistry
  • CHEM 106 General College Chemistry
  • CHEM 107 General College Chemistry Laboratory

1.3 Complete one of the following options:


  • MATH 302 Mathematics for Engineering 1
  • MATH 303 Mathematics for Engineering 2


  • MATH 213 Elementary Linear Algebra
  • MATH 314 Calculus of Several Variables
  • MATH 334 Ordinary Differential Equations

Requirement 2

Complete the following professional courses:

  • CH EN 285 Chemical Process and Fluids Lab
  • CH EN 311 Chemical Engineering & Society
  • CH EN 345 Materials and Reactions Lab
  • CH EN 373 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • CH EN 374 Fluid Mechanics
  • CH EN 376 Heat and Mass Transfer
  • CH EN 378 Science of Engineering Materials
  • CH EN 385 Thermodynamics and Transport Lab
  • CH EN 386 Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • CH EN 391 Career Skills 2
  • CH EN 436 Process Control and Dynamics
  • CH EN 445 Separations and Process Control Lab
  • CH EN 451 Chemical Engineering Plant Design and Process Synthesis.
  • CH EN 476 Separations
  • CH EN 479 Unit Operations Laboratory

Requirement 3

Complete the following supporting courses:

Requirement 4

Complete technical electives (15 hours minimum) satisfying the following requirements:

4.1 Complete 2 hours of chemistry laboratory:

  • CHEM 353 Organic Chemistry Laboratory--Nonmajors
  • CHEM 464 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 1
  • CHEM 465 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 2

4.2 Complete 9 hours of approved advanced engineering (ENG) course work. In general, these courses are 300-level or above from any of the following departments: Chemical Engineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; or the School of Technology. For details and exceptions, see the department webpage.

4.3 Complete 4 hours of approved advanced course work from an engineering, math, science, or business (EMSB) department. In general, these courses are 300-level or above from any of the following colleges: College of Engineering & Technology, College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, College of Life Sciences, and the Marriott School of Business. For details and exceptions, see the department webpage.

4.4 At least 4 hours, but no more than 7 hours, of the above technical electives (OPTIONS 4.2 and 4.3) must be from courses that provide opportunity for development and demonstration of skills needed to solve complex engineering problems. At least 3 of these hours must focus on Engineering Problem Solving through Experiential Learning (EPSEL) from which a senior thesis is produced and delivered. The remaining hour(s) (from 1 to 4) may be from EPSEL course(s) or from course(s) that focus on projects, creativity, and/or innovation skills (collectively called INNOV). Example courses satisfying both EPSEL and INNOV requirements are found below. See the department website for a full list of approved courses and more information on the senior thesis requirements.

Courses and Combinations of Courses Satisfying the EPSEL Requirement: CH EN 461 (3 credits), CH EN 499 (3 credits), CH EN 199R (1 credit) + CH EN 496 (2 credits), ENG T 497R (3 credits), ME EN 475 + ME EN 476 (6 total credits). EPSEL courses are classified as ENG.
Courses Satisfying the INNOV Requirement: CH EN 199R (Internship), CH EN 400 (Creativity), CH EN 498R (Mentored Research), ENG T 497R (Global Engineering Outreach). A course taken for the INNOV requirement will count as either ENG or EMSB depending on the department in which it is listed.

Requirement 5

Pass a basic competency exam (L3 exam) administered by the Chemical Engineering Department. All students in the chemical engineering program must pass a competency exam based on the foundational principles of chemical engineering that are taught in the program courses. The exam will be administered during the senior year with the specific dates announced each year by the Chemical Engineering Department. Each fall, the department will supply written rules, guidelines, and reference material to help students prepare to take the exam.