Chemical Engineering Alumni Society

The BYU Chemical Engineering Alumni Society was formed in the summer of 2003. The focus for the society is three fold:

  1. Provide support to the Department and students at BYU.
    • Facilitate, Find, and/or Inform of Career opportunities for students
    • Facilitate, Find, and/or Inform of Internship / Co-op programs for students
    • Monetary support to the Department / Scholarships for Students
  2. Facilitate alumni networking.
    • Career opportunities
    • Career development
    • Personal relationships
  3. Provide Service to the School, Church, and Global Community.
    • Providing a venue to communicate solutions for known issues.
    • Supporting local AIChE and other organizations.

Board Members

As specified in the Bylaws, a board of 11 members, elected from the alumni, serves the society.


The bylaws of the ChE Alumni Society were generously authored by Gary Pocock.