BYU ChE Alumni Announcement


Did you know...

Over the past seven years, the BYU ChE department has doubled in student enrollment. To improve the education experience of our growing student body, the department is beginning an ambitious 3-year fundraising campaign.

Dear Alumni,

We hope you are doing well! As the years continue to pass, we hope you remember with fondness the experiences you had at BYU as you pursued your Chemical Engineering education. Recent events are bringing new and exciting opportunities for our department. In addition, the University has recently begun plans to build another engineering building. To build upon past successes and to strengthen the educational opportunities for our students, the department is beginning an ambitious three-year fundraising campaign. Funds raised for the department will be placed in an endowment to:
Increase scholarship opportunities for the increasing number of students
Increase funds for student participation in conferences, competitions, and study-abroad programs
Expand and develop a world-class Unit Operations lab with additional staff and new “hands-on” experiments
Integrate real-life experiments within key core courses
​For the remainder of this year, this campaign will be conducted by our department. In 2013, we will join forces with the university in raising funds not only for our department but for the new building. We invite you to participate in both exciting endeavors! For this campaign to be successful, we need strong participation from all of our alumni. One of our alumni has graciously offered to provide matching donor funds up to $150,000 per year for the next three years, along with providing an additional $150,000 per year to help with the above bulleted items while we build the endowment. Our goal is to increase our endowment over the next three years from the current $0.5 million to $2.5 million. Here is the plan:

  • Have each of our 2000+ alumni donate $25, $50, $75, $100 or more either one time or, if you can, on a monthly basis over the next three years. Donations may be made at . You can make your donation recurring, monthly or annually, or just a one-time donation.
  • Work with your company to contribute matching funds where available. Many companies provide matches ranging from 1:1 to 3:1. See for a partial list. If your company is not on the list, please contact your HR representative to determine if matching funds are available.
  • Contact your fellow alumni to participate in this great endeavor.

The matching of your funds will greatly leverage your donation! For example, your donation will increase four-fold if your company has a 1:1 match and then our alumnus provides a 1:1 match of your personal and company donation. As a department, we will email you a semi-annual newsletter that will include the current status of the endowment and the use of endowment funds. We appreciate your consideration of this great endeavor and look forward to working with you on enhancing the educational experience of our outstanding chemical engineering students who will be the future leaders of industry, academia, and the church. 

Warm Regards,

Thomas H. Fletcher

Chair and Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Brigham Young University
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