About Our Students

Chemical Engineering students at Brigham Young University have unique potential to be successful leaders in their professional and personal lives. A few characteristics that contribute to that potential:

Among the brightest in the nation:

The average ACT for incoming freshman at BYU is over 28 (one of the highest in the country and similar to the most prestigious private schools).

Extensive leadership experience:


A high percentage of graduate students and nearly all undergraduate students are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which provides multiple opportunities from early youth on, to lead groups of their peers in religious, service, and social activities. Additionally, nearly all male and some female members serve full-time missions for the Church (18 months or 2 years) in which they carry significant responsibility and lead peers in extensive teaching programs.

Significant international experience:


Many of our students come from outside the United States, and many of our U.S. students serve missions (see above) outside the United States or in non-English-speaking areas within the U.S. For example, a poll of BYU chemical engineering graduating seniors from 2000 to 2010 revealed facility in 33 languages.

Enrollment Numbers

The figure below shows the total number of Undergraduate BS Students enrolled in the program since 2003.

Graduation Data

The figure below shows the total number of BS degrees awarded per year since 2003.