Especially for Women



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We encourage women to consider chemical engineering as a major. We join with the prophets and apostles in urging women to seek education to better themselves for all the roles that they may play. Chemical engineering prepares young women for many aspects of life, from full-time homemaker to community leader to successful professional.


Download this Powerpoint presentation, which describes the benefits of chemical engineering for women (including LDS women) and introduces a few women ChE graduates from BYU.

Kim Bal, A chemical engineer who works for Unilever, tells us why she loves her job.

High-school student Burcu Bozkurt interviews Dr. Michelle Staben Wobker, a chemical engineer who works for Glaxo-Smith-Kline, a pharmaceutical company.

Regina Clewlow, chemical engineer and Executive Director of Engineers for a Sustainable World, shares why she founded and directs this company.