The graduate program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at BYU began in 1962. We offer programs of study leading to master of science (MS) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees. The MS and PhD degrees each require coursework as well as an independent research project leading to a written thesis or dissertation. A student with a bachelor of science (BS) degree may apply to either program, that is, a PhD degree may be earned without first obtaining an MS degree. For a student with a BS degree the typical time required to complete a graduate degree is 2 years for an MS and 4.5 years for a PhD.

The department seeks to develop graduate students who have broad knowledge of fundamental principles (math, science, and engineering) plus cutting-edge expertise in a topical area. Students learn to conduct independent and creative research leading to solutions of present-day engineering problems. Graduate students are expected to assume primary responsibility for their own progress and to develop habits of inquiry that will ensure continuing intellectual development throughout their careers. Graduates of the department contribute to society and find rewarding employment in a range of industries and fields--as researchers, consultants, managers, and teachers.