Integrated Masters

Undergraduate students who have completed ChEn 374 and have 32 or more credit hours remaining toward their B.S. degree may apply to pursue an M.S. degree concurrently with the B.S. degree in the integrated Master's program. The student begins working with a research advisor and completing graduate-level courses at the same time as completing undergraduate coursework, though no class may be counted towards both degrees. The parallel nature provides greater flexibility in scheduling and therefore can shorten the time required to obtain the M.S. degree over the serial approach.

However, for most students a formal integrated M.S. program is not necessary. Any student can count up to 10 credit hours taken while an undergraduate toward a subsequent graduate degree at BYU, as long as those credits were not counted toward the B.S. degree. Thus if a student anticipates taking three or fewer additional classes before completing the B.S., it is probably preferable to not enter the integrated Master’s program formally.

There is no integrated Ph.D. program.

Additional information about the integrated M.S. program, including application requirements, is available in Section 6 of the Department's Graduate Handbook.