How to Find an Entry Level ChE Position or Internship

5 Step Guide: Successful Strategies for Finding a ChE Entry Level Position or Internship

(Compiled advice from BYU ChE faculty and alumni)

  1. Identify companies you would like to apply to
  2. Find contacts to help you apply at these companies
  3. Prepare & Optimize Resume
  4. Apply for Entry Level Position or Internships
  5. Follow-Up & Interviews Preparation

1. Identify Companies

  • What subfield of Chemical Engineering are you interested in?
    • AIChE has a nice intro to the different fields.
    • Wikipedia provides a nice list of fields under related fields and topics.
    • BYU
  • Check out a list of companies who have hired BYU Chemical Engineers (you will need to sign in with your myBYU username and password) and then come back to this page from the main page and reclick on the link - sorry for the extra steps.
  • Check out the resources at the AIChE site (national undergraduate student membership is free).
  • Check Out the companies scheduled to attend the career fair.
  • Other resources include the Engineering and Technology college career center and university career center.

2. Find Contacts

  • Brainstorm if someone you know, or someone your relatives or friends know works there. Talk to family/friends to try and find someone you know at one of the companies you are interested in. A contact/advocate helps out immensely.
  • Go to Career Fair and meet recruiters.
  • Consider joining BYU Chemical Engineering Alumni LinkedIn Group and asking there
  • Search BYU Alumni Directory. (log in using your BYU netid and password, under advanced search you can specify major and company).
  • Search for jobs on AIChE CareerEngineer
  • Talk with your BYU ChE Advisor for contacts (ask ChE secretaries who it is if necessary).

3. Resume Optimization

  • Prepare a resume that is professional and adequately sells you to the company.
  • Check out BYU ChE online guides:
  • See ChEn 191 class notes
  • Be aware of resume help from the college (around the time of the career fair) and from our local chapter of AIChE.

4. Apply for Entry Level Position or Internships

  • Sign up for HandShake
  • Check out this internship office for resources on internships.
  • Check out department and college info on internships
  • Apply directly to interested companies and follow up with your contacts/HR.
  • Go to career fair with resume prepared.

5. Follow up & Interviews

  • Follow-up consistently with contact and/or HR on your application. Be persistent and polite.
  • Be sure to practice following-up and interviews before you do it.

Note: The earlier you start the better. Following these steps does not guarantee an internship, but helps you give yourself the best chance.