Advice on GE (University Core) Requirements

Caution: Examples of courses are given below, but the university changes GE courses regularly.  Students should refer to the official university catalog for the current courses that fulfill GE requirements.  Despite this, the principles discussed below are general and apply regardless of the exact courses used as examples.

Global and Cultural Awareness

Within the GE (University Core) are requirements for:

  • History of Civilization 2
  • Arts
  • Letters
  • GCA

If care is taken when selecting courses, these 4 requirements may be fulfilled by taking only 2 classes.  This is explained below.

  • Each Civ 2 course double-counts as either Arts, Letters, or GCA
  • Many Arts and Letters courses double-count as GCA
  • Students should take one of the following:
    • Civ 2/Art + Lett/GCA (Civ 2 course that double-counts as Arts AND a Letters courses that double-counts as GCA.)
      • Example: ARTHC 202 + IHUM 242
    • OR
    • Civ 2/Lett + Art/GCA (Civ 2 course that double-counts as Letters AND an Arts course that double-counts as GCA.)
      • Example: CL CV 202 + MUSIC 203

There is also a way to fulfill the GCA requirement with religion courses.  Specifically, the following religion courses count as GCA (as of March 2018).

  • REL C 351 - Survey of World Religions
  • REL C 352 - Survey of Christianity
  • REL C 357 - Survey of Judaism and Islam
  • REL C 358 - Survey of Eastern Religions

If one of these religion courses are taken, taking an Arts or Letters courses that also counts as GCA is not needed.

Social Science (Econ 110)

Students are required to take Econ 110 for the major.  This course counts as Social Science.  Students should realize that other social science courses that fulfill the GE requirement will not fulfill the department Econ 110 requirement. 

(Also see information on Econ 110 vs EngT 231 found here.)


Please see here for advice on Biology courses.