Planning Worksheets

NOTE: There are several, large curriculum changes beginning in F2018.  See here.

The worksheets found below have been prepared to assist in planning coursework. These should be filled out as completely as possible before you meet with your advisor.

Because requirments have changed over the years, several versions of the worksheet are available. Students may graduate using the requirements found in the official university catalog for the semester in which they declared the chemical engineering major or any catalog after. Remember that "Catalog Years" begin in the Fall Semester and end in the Summer Term. For example, if you entered the university for the first time in the Fall of 2009, and declared your major at that time, you would use the 2009-2010 catalog requirements or the requirements from any year after 2009-2010

Right Click and Save the link below that corresponds to the semester when chemical engineering was declared as a major. You can find the entry date on MyMap. Navigate to MyMap/Plan MyMap. Select "Chemical Engineering (BS)(Major)" instead of "University Core" in the combo box on the left. The year will be displayed right above the combo box after the page refreshes.

The MAP provided by the deparment and the college advisement office is composed of the planning worksheets above and the document found below.

Undergraduate MAP