Most courses in the chemical engineering curriculum have prerequisites that qualify students to be admitted to more advanced classes.  The prerequisites are carefully chosen to prepare student for each future course as well as professional engineering endeavors.  Taking courses in the correct sequence provides the maximum chance for success at the university and beyond. Moreover, accreditation of the department by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) requires students to comply with prerequisites.  

Prerequisites for each course are listed in the official university catalog.  Students should be aware of the following concerning prerequisites.

  • Grades of E, I, W, or WE mean the prerequisite has not been met.
  • Concurrent enrollment does not satisfy prerequisite requirements except in cases found here.
  • Students taking Independent Study courses that are prerequisites should ensure they complete all work early enough for the grade to be posted prior to the start of the next semester.  

Common problems with prerequisites are:

  • Students delay/drop Chem 467 and cannot take Ch En 373.
  • Students delay/drop Engl 316 and cannot take Ch En 475.
  • Students delay/drop Stat 201 and cannot take Ch En 475.
  • Students delay/drop Ch En 376 and cannot take Ch En 475.
  • Students delay/drop Ch En 311 and cannot take Ch En 376.
  • Students delay/drop Ch En 476 and cannot take Ch En 451.
  • Students delay/drop Ch En 476 and cannot take Ch En 477.

The best way to avoid prerequisite problems is the follow the course plan you filled out for admission into the professional  program and available here.

In certain instances, student may need to have a prerequisite waived.  This usually occurs with co-ops, internships, sickness, etc.  In such situations, the student should fill out this waiver form and turn it into the department academic advisor Lavdie Huff (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). She will forward the request to the department undergraduate committee who will then consider your situation and give its decision within 1 week.  

Students should understand that granting of waivers is not taken lightly. Reasons such as poor course planning, failing/withdrawing from/incomplete prerequisite courses, not knowing or misunderstanding requirements, and other such excuses are not valid justificationeven if graduation is delayedand will result in denial of the waiver petition

Prerequisite Waiver Form