Planning a Mission?

Here are some hints about what to do:

Apply for deferment

Those planning to serve a mission must apply for a "deferment," which suspends your enrollment at BYU while preserving your status as an admitted student. (Students leaving campus for an extended period without a deferment are required to re-apply for admission in order to resume study.)

Apply for Scholarships

Several department scholarships are available for returning missionaries, but their application deadlines are April 1 for the following fall and winter semesters. However, many missionaries will still be on their missions on April 1 of the year they plan to return to BYU and, therefore, will find it difficult to submit a scholarship application that year. If you anticipate being in that category, you should apply for scholarships before leaving. If you do so, your application will be evaluated and the results communicated to you before you even leave for your mission. The payments for awarded scholarships will then be deferred to the fall semester that you return to BYU.

Descriptions of the department scholarships for returning missionaries and continuing students are presented in Department Scholarships.