Returning Missionaries

Welcome home from your mission! We know that it can sometimes be an adjustment to remember all of the things to do when you return to BYU. Please look at the following helps for returning students in Chemical Engineering

Meet with Your Advisor

We strongly urge you to see your faculty advisor in the Chemical Engineering Department, or the department academic advisor (Lavdie Huff), as soon as possible. (Contact the office for the name of your faculty advisor.) This is important; we may be able to help you avoid costly registration mistakes that will prolong graduation by as much as one year.

Apply for Scholarships

Several departmental scholarships are available for returning missionaries, but their application deadlines are April 1 for the following fall and winter semesters. Departing missionaries (particularly those leaving for 2 years) were encouraged to apply for these before leaving. If you didn't apply before you left but have returned from your mission before April 1, be sure to submit your scholarship applications by that deadline. If you are still on your mission on April 1, and you did not submit scholarship applications before leaving on your mission, your family may be able to prepare and submit applications for you. If you are returning from your mission and were not a ble to submit applications by April 1 of the year you are returning to BYU, be sure to submit applications as soon as possible to become eligible to receive the returning missionary scholarships the year after you return to BYU. Descriptions of department scholarships for returning missionaries and continuing students are found at Undergraduate Department Scholarships.

Math Help

There are several ways to brush up on your math skills:

 Internet Reviews

The internet contains many resources to review the principles of mathematics that are important in engineering. The links represent only a small portion of those which are available.

 Mathematical Tables

 Mathematical Computer Tools

When problem solving, chemical engineers often solve complex mathematical problems. Several computer tools, including Python and Excel, can be used to aid these calculations.  ChEn 263 notes and tutorials may be found here.