Checklist for Professional Program Application

  1. Two-Part Application: Complete both the “Application” and the “Technical Elective” portions of the application.
  2. Declared Major: Declare Chemical Engineering as your major.
  3. Catalog Year: Use the correct planning worksheet for your catalog year (the year you declared chemical engineering as your major).
  4. CH EN 311 & 374: ChEn 311 should be taken before or concurrently with 374.
  5. OChem :
    • For F2018 and later
      • Take Chem 357 in Fall semester.  This course is only taught in Fall semester.
    • For pre-F18 catalog years
      • If Chem 351 has been passed but not Chem 352, do one of the following:
        • Take Chem 352 (recommended)
        • Take Chem 357 and add 3 credits to EMSB (this means an extra course, but 351 and 357 overlap significantly so 357 cannot be substituted for 352)
      • If Chem 351 has not been passed, do one of the following:
        • Take Chem 357 and add 3 credits to EMSB
        • Take Chem 351 and 352 if going to medical or dental school
    • See here and here.
  6. PChem:
    • (1-semester plan): Take Chem 467 in the fall of junior year.  Do not drop or fail to pass this class as it is a prerequisite for ChEn 373.  This class is only taught Fall semester.
    • (2-semester plan): Take Chem 462 in the fall of junior year and and Chem 463 in the winter of the junior year.  Both classes must be completed to satisfy the PChem requirement, but the extra class may count towards EMSB. This option is for those who desire to specialize in thermodynamics and molecular mechanics.
  7. Chem Lab: Do not plan on taking P-chem lab (Chem 464/465) at the same time as Plant Design (ChEn 451). Each is taught at the same time in the winter semester.  
  8. UO Lab and Fundamentals Labs (See here):
    • Take ChEn 285 (W), 345 (F), 385 (W), 445 (F), 479 (FWSp)
  9. ChEn 291/391: 
    • Take ChEn 291 in Fall (only) and ChEn 391 either semester.
    • See here.
  10. Process Control/EC EN 301: Do not plan on taking ChEn 436 and EcEn 301 in the same semester as they are taught at the same time.
  11. Technical Electives: List specific courses on the application that are approved for ENG and EMSB.  See here.
  12. Innovation: Plan the 1-hour innovation requirement of the technical elective.  (See here.)
  13. EPSEL: Take one of the following: ChEn 461, 499, 199R+496; EngT 497R; ME EN 475+477.
  14. Project Credit: No more than 7 hours of project-based courses (199R, 400, 498R, 499, 461, EngT 497R, etc.) may be used for electives. 
  15. ChEn 199R (internship/co-op): Approval must be obtained BEFORE an internship or co-op if planning on ChEn 199R.  This is a university rule, and the department cannot grant exceptions.  Approval is through Lavdie Huff.
  16. ENGL 316: Make sure Engl 316 is taken before UO lab (ChEn 475).  Concurrent enrollment is not sufficient.
  17. STAT 201: Make sure Stat 201 is taken before  UO lab (ChEn 475). Concurrent enrollment is not sufficient. This course is usually taught in Spring (check with the Stats department), but it is not taught Summer or online. Plan accordingly.
  18. ECON 110/ENG T 231:
    • All students who have not yet completed EngT 231 should take Econ 110.  
    • Econ 110 is required for catalog years F2017 and later, and EngT 231 will not be substituted.
    • EngT 231 was required for catalog years 2010-2016, but the department will automatically accept Econ 110 in its place.
  19. PHYSC 220: Students should not take Physc 220. EcEn 301 is required for catalog years 2009+.
  20. Biology:
    • Choose one the following: Bio 130, MMBio 221, or PDBio120 + MMBio 240.  (Note that the last option requires two courses be taken.)
    • Bio 100 is OK but not recommended.
  21. GE: 
    1. Make sure to take courses that double-count Civ II/Arts/Lett/GCA.
    2. See here.